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Wow, the month of March has snuck up on me. Between starting a new job and the less-than-ideal weather, time has flown and it’s hard to believe that spring is (theoretically)¬†almost upon us. Like last year, I want to share with you some of the recent recipes on my blog that are Passover friendly. Here goes…

Main Courses:

Moroccan brisket with olives and preserved lemons (just make it without couscous)Anna Sortun’s Spoon Lamb

Tomato and Onion Braised BrisketPomegranate Chicken


Onion soup – make it without the bread (try matzah instead), with or without cheese

Sides and Salads:

Asparagus avocado salad

Mediterranean quinoa salad

Eggplant spread with tomatoes (it looks gross, but tastes great)

Marinated zucchini

Spinach salad with beets and grapefruit

Kibbutz herb salad

Vic’s saladFeta watermelon salad

Yellow (or green) beans with hazelnuts – just use whatever oil you have if you can’t find hazelnut

Quinoa with persimmon, pomegranate, and walnuts – use the dressing and try other available fruits


Grapefruit mint sorbet

Sangria sorbet

Amaretti (almond) cookies; Gianduia (chocolate hazelnut) cookies

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