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stinky cheese

As usual a little bit behind in my magazine reading, I didn’t see this cartoon from this week’s New Yorker, but my friend from college and fellow francophile Josh forwarded it to me.  Here’s a shot of it from my own copy:

New Yorker Cartoon: Matthew Diffee, "It's not the noise, Sir. It's the Camembert."

New Yorker cartoon: Matthew Diffee, "It's not the noise, Sir. It's the Camembert." (NOTE: this image is a photograph taken from my own magazine and the cartoon itself is copyrighted; please use official link if you want to distribute)

Now, I honestly don’t think of Camembert as being so particularly stinky. But, my guess is that I’m eating it incorrectly.

See, when I was an exchange student living with a family in the Loire Valley (in a little town called Mont près Chambord…the mountain near the Chambord château) and then vacationing with them in the Vendée, I recall that we didn’t refrigerate our cheese. The famille preferred most cheese soft and runny, almost of the consistency that it might get when I make a baked brie now. So, 1 to 2 to 3 weeks in that special cheese cupboard they had, with that nice moldy rind…mmm…quite a stink, but it probably tastes pretty good.

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