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in great company

Very soon after la rentrée and the start of the school year is Rosh Hashana. The new year that feels more like a new year than New Year’s eve. This new year is an exciting one for me with a new job and some fun news.

I’ve been discovered!

Not by talent scouts. Or a modeling agency. Or to be one of the Solid Gold dancers. (Seriously, folks – please tell me I’m not the only one who wanted to be one of those sexy ladies.) But by the food community. Several magazines have recognized my (food-related) work and I’m enjoying the ride. You already know about PresenTense magazine’s planned article. Then, Saveur magazine stumbled upon my post about cold-brewed iced coffee and directed readers to it as part of their weekly “links we love” section.  They love me! And they listed me alongside the New York Times, USA Today, Food Republic, Serious Eats and two other blogs.

But before all that began, I was interviewed for Hadassah magazine. Check out the article! It even made it to good old paper.

I’m in great company these days. The Hadassah article is written by Adeena Sussman. Her mother was a good friend of mine’s. And she has written the wine section of the 2009 Fodor’s Israel travel guide…which my Aunt edited. Favoritism? Maybe. But I’ll take what I can get.

In writing the article, Adeena also spoke with Rivka Friedman who writes Not Derby Pie. She lives in DC (where I grew up) and is a health care consultant (like I am). Her pictures are gorgeous and she once introduced me to a wonderful CD. Adeena also spoke with Michelle Kemp-Nordell who writes Baroness Tapuzina. She is friends with my friend and travel buddy, Sarah Melamed who writes FoodBridge.

As Rosh Hashana rapidly approaches, and I start to think about what I’ll be cooking, I figured this was a good time to remind you all about the apple cake that I adapted from one of Rivka’s cakes a few years back. This is the recipe that is featured in the magazine. Go on – try it. You won’t be sorry. And your company will love it.

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