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Oh la. C’est pas bon.

I was all excited to inaugurate my cocotte to make a brisket for my family this year for Rosh Hashana.

I should have known she would live up to her flirty-sounding name when my beautiful oval cadeau arrived in disguise …

faisant une blague a moi

faisant une blague à moi

… despite my expectations of a deep red ombre dress. But she came out of hiding as pretty and dainty as expected.

in her ombre dress

Et, elle est tellement française. Si française, in fact that it is stamped onto her little derrière.

tellement francaise

She and I held a little photo shoot, anticipating her culinary debut.

photo shoot

Alas, when it was showtime, my cocotte got performance anxiety.

Well, to tell the truth, my eyes were a bit too big. I bought 2 briskets totaling 10 pounds and a single brisket, when unfolded to its full size, barely fit in my lovely cocotte.

back to my huge turkey pan

While I share responsibility, I believe that my cocotte turned her nose up at the traditional brisket recipe in a coquettish manner. Perhaps she only likes les recettes françaises. She must be holding out for the kosher version of a boeuf bourguignon that I have been working on developing. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t snub one of Julia Child’s signature dish as well.

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