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oh la vache!

I really get a kick out of being a foodie and my newly-minted status as a food blogger. I get excited when I receive food samples to try. Even when they don’t turn out to be very good. So I was particularly excited when I received not one, but two packages on the same day. One from Ermitage, the other from Stonyfield Farm.


Back in June, I submitted to Ermitage my zucchini raclette tart recipe (props to Natalie of 5-Star Foodie for inspiring the recipe). This French company makes a lot of kosher French and Swiss cheeses like raclette that they import, and they sent me this little cow timer as a merci.

La vache l'ermitage

This cow makes me laugh so much because even thought it’s a mere kitchen timer, when you click on the Ermitage link, there is a little video of mooing cows making French puns…when cows moo in French, they apparently say meuh, which sounds like “mais” – which means “but” and is part of an emphatic expression “mais oui” – but of course! — or “mais non” – of course not! Ok, it’s not so funny when you explain it to death (or at a dinner party like I tried to do after receiving my little vache timer …). But listen to the mooing cows on the Ermitage site. And think of me giggling.

And giggling.

And giggling.

Vachement très drôle. Truly very funny.

Apparently Ermitage is a fan of word plays (or maybe it’s just all French) – check out the tagline on their stamp: Prenez l’air, prenez l’Ermitage – take flight, take l’Ermitage (the cheese). Or maybe it means something different – Frenchies…please help here!

Prenez l'air, prenez l'Ermitage

Prenez l'air, prenez l'Ermitage

I guess I picked up an affinity for trying to figure out some of these French puns of sort when I started learning them in high school as a way to learn French pronunciation. The first one I mastered was that “un oeuf is enough.”

As for Stonyfield Farms, no puns here. Just a lot more vaches. And some coupons.

Stonyfield Farm

I was contacted by Stonyfield out of the blue because they found me while looking for kosher blogs (!!) and wanted me to test their relatively new line of kosher, organic, Greek yogurt called Oikos. I warned their PR person that I would not guarantee a good review. I plan to taste the yogurt plain and to probably make one sweet dish, one savory dish (mmm…tzatziki?) to test it out.

It has taken me some time to get around to this because I went on a few little vacations, but I’ve been walking around with these Oikos coupons in my wallet and can’t wait to pick up the yogurt when I have a chance. And I am also at work on a more formalized policy on how to work with companies that approach me for product reviews or endorsements.

In the meantime, feel free to send me your favorite Greek yogurt recipes and French puns.

A bientôt, mes amis.

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