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Today marks the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the AMIA, the Argentina-Israeli Mutual Association (the equivalent of a JCC — Jewish Community Center — in the US), in Buenos Aires, claiming 85 lives (I’ve seen the toll at 86 also). I have compiled a few videos, pulling together the ones with English subtitles. In 2004, 10 Argentinian film-makers created a documentary-drama called “18-J” referring to the 18th of July, the date of the attack, containing 10 ten-minute vignettes and focusing on the universality of the tragedy (note, I have not seen the film; rather I am basing my commentary on what I have read).

The following TV spot, with English subtitles, was released a few weeks ago.

This is the full-length video that was, I believe, aired on national TV yesterday at 9:53 am showing pictures and reading the names of the victims.

This short 2008 TV spot is a tribute to the 85 terrorist victims.

Despedidas” 18J. English version

This video was made last year for the film “18-J” at the Cannes Film Festival and discusses how the Argentine community came together to raise awareness and commemorate the victims.

A few articles that I came across:

– This year’s tribute was cancelled due to the H1N1 outbreak, by which Argentina has been particularly hard-struck (with a high mortality rate, thought the overall incidence could be under-reported).

– The Forward published an opinion piece this week about continued vigilance necessary in efforts to thwart the relationship between Iran, especially given its current political and civil unrest, and Latin America.

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