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I’ve got mail!

With email and vmail and FaceBook and Twitter and all the information overload, it’s always a big surprise to get something real in my mailbox.

And by real, I mean not an unwanted catalog. Or some academic institution asking for money. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things that I do look forward to receiving on a regular basis. All my NY-centric weeklies. And the cooking magazines that I still like to read in print. And then there are the cards that I cherish. Especially the birth announcements, child-laden holiday cards, and wedding invitations. And of course, birthday cards and the ever-so- special, “just because” cards.

But today, I unlocked my mailbox to reveal a package that felt like true validation that I am a foodie. I received my first (kosher) product to try and review! Granted, I found out about this product on Twitter (no comment about the date I was on the other night with a guy who found out that I tweet and asked if that makes me a twit…) and I knew it was arriving. And I was forewarned because I received a call from my “postal delivery person” (her terminology, not mine) asking if anyone named “Zahavah” lived as my address. Since I mainly use Zahavah for food-related things, I knew that this mail was going to be out of the norm.

Holy Cow! Kosher Beef Jerky

I don’t know about you, but receiving kosher beef jerky in a sealed envelope from across the country is not the norm for me. (But buying it in NY and eating it in one sitting sometimes is).

I can’t wait to try my jerky. This time, I will share… my samples with local friends interested in tasting and my opinion with the company.

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My dishwasher is broken. And I have no idea when it will be fixed.

It had not been cleaning very well for the past few weeks and I have had to half fill a newly emptied washer with recently “cleaned” dishes too many times after a thorough hand-rinsing of caked-on grit. And every time I would roll out the bottom rack, the spinning propeller that spits out water (does it have a real name?) would pop out. Is this supposed to happen? Not sure, but I have been diligently re-snapping that spinner back in every load and trying to rinse off the little screen thing when I can see gunk in it. Fed up this morning, I decided to run the “sanitizer” cycle with the dishwasher empty hoping that any little lurking buggers would be whisked away. I had sanitized in the past with great success.

So sanitize I did.

Steam poured forth from the vents at the top of the appliance. Yeah, I remember that happening in the past – the sanitizer cycle is quite hot.

And then, the smell. It didn’t remember that.

Burning plastic. At first, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. By the time I got to my dishwasher, it was too late. The bottom spinning piece had popped out and melted on the heating element. Yes, melted. Through and through. One of the propeller arms without a hand. A white powder sloughing off on my fingers as I removed the cooling plastic.

In the grand scheme of things, not a tragedy. But given the photo hanging above my sink that largely epitomizes my philosophy on dish washing (and taking out trash), this could be a major stall in food exploration.

Photo by Veronica V - taken on a camping trip

Photo by Veronica V - taken on a camping trip

That being said, I did manage to make an almond-macadamia cremolata inspired by Ana Sortun’s veggie friendly¬† restaurant Oleana and sesame noodles this evening. But my sink is mighty full and begging for a bit of attention.

My super is supposed to be here first thing tomorrow and a repair man will hopefully soon follow.

Wish me luck – I need it.

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