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I’ve got mail!

With email and vmail and FaceBook and Twitter and all the information overload, it’s always a big surprise to get something real in my mailbox.

And by real, I mean not an unwanted catalog. Or some academic institution asking for money. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things that I do look forward to receiving on a regular basis. All my NY-centric weeklies. And the cooking magazines that I still like to read in print. And then there are the cards that I cherish. Especially the birth announcements, child-laden holiday cards, and wedding invitations. And of course, birthday cards and the ever-so- special, “just because” cards.

But today, I unlocked my mailbox to reveal a package that felt like true validation that I am a foodie. I received my first (kosher) product to try and review! Granted, I found out about this product on Twitter (no comment about the date I was on the other night with a guy who found out that I tweet and asked if that makes me a twit…) and I knew it was arriving. And I was forewarned because I received a call from my “postal delivery person” (her terminology, not mine) asking if anyone named “Zahavah” lived as my address. Since I mainly use Zahavah for food-related things, I knew that this mail was going to be out of the norm.

Holy Cow! Kosher Beef Jerky

I don’t know about you, but receiving kosher beef jerky in a sealed envelope from across the country is not the norm for me. (But buying it in NY and eating it in one sitting sometimes is).

I can’t wait to try my jerky. This time, I will share… my samples with local friends interested in tasting and my opinion with the company.

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