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only in NY…

I’m running out of some key pantry ingredients and since I’m going to NY in a few weeks, I’m starting my shopping list of kosher things that I can’t seem to find in Boston without a car:

– balsamic — not just the Bartenura stuff, but a unique Italian brand, probably from Fairway’s; the one that I just finished is pictured below (Manicardi Aceto Balsamico di Modeno):

aceto-balsamico-di-modena– good Parmesan cheese — again, I’ll probably get it in Fairway or Zabar’s


– fancy sugar cubes: Roland rough cut demura (I think the hechsher is from South Africa)


– Artisan (kosher) olive oil: I had an amazing olive oil in a San Francisco restaurant that was SOOO good you could taste the olives. I would like to recreate that experience in my home with a great dipping olive oil.

What else should I get?  Where else should I go besides Fairway and Zabar’s (my UWS staples)?

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